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September 11, 2021
Kratom Indonesia | Mitragyna Speciosa
September 17, 2021

Kratom Borneo

Kratom Borneo | Kratom Indonesiana, Kratom usually lives along rivers and swamps. This plant grows early on alluvial and watery soil. Kratom has the ability to survive in waterlogged conditions. Kratom planting locations are in the lowlands and humid. What’s more, Kratom is often found in areas that contain a lot of organic matter. In addition, Kratom can grow in locations that have an acidic pH and are waterlogged throughout the year. Locations with such conditions are in several regions in Indonesia, one of which is in Kalimantan. This is because Kalimantan is traversed by many rivers. Kratom is also found in many areas of Kalimantan.

Kratom Cultivation

1. Seed Nursery

Seed breeding by drying the fruit under the hot sun. After the fruit dries, the seeds can be separated. Then, the seeds can be sown in a container filled with soil. Nurseries for Kratom cultivation by using pots or wooden boxes as nursery tanks. Kratom seeds are sown evenly in the container. Then, the container is covered with transparent gauze and placed in a location not exposed to direct sunlight. Every day it is necessary to spray water so that the soil does not dry out, and the humidity is maintained. Kratom seedlings at the age of 1.5-3 months already have 2-4 leaves. Then the seeds can be transferred into poly bags. When the Kratom seeds are 4.5-6 months old, they can be transferred to the field.

Kratom Borneo
  1. Cuttings Nursery

Seeding cuttings using stems or branches that have a diameter of 1-3 cm and a length of about 15-30 cm. Then, the Kratom stems can be planted in poly bags. Maintenance of seed cuttings includes watering and weeding. When the cuttings are 3 months old, they are planted in the ground. Germination of cuttings requires a faster time when compared to seed seedlings.

Kratom Borneo

Kratom Plant Care

Kratom maintenance includes weed control by chopping down using a sickle. This process can be done 3 times a year, this depends on the condition of the land. Kratom plants that are 2.5 years old are already big and tall. In addition, it is necessary to cut the main stem to stimulate the emergence of branching. Kratom that is often waterlogged is done by cutting the stems higher.



The first harvest is when the Kratom plant is 6 months old with a tree height of about 1 m. How to harvest by picking old leaves. Production at the first harvest is around 1.5-0.75 kg per tree. Then, for the second harvest, it is done about 1.5-3 months after the first harvest. The next harvest process is carried out every 1.5-3 months, Kratom production will also increase.

Kratom Borneo

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